Enjoying The Joy

Release your virtuous creativity to live in an exclusively joyful and meaningful way.
A photo of joyful J.M. Davies
Photo: Jens Nagel

Enjoying the joy is the theme of J.M. Davies' first novel and the blog she started in March 2010. Through them she hopes to increase joy in the world because she knows that feeling joy is our ultimate desire.

She has realised that what matters the most, is the decision to enjoy the joy. It all starts with a mindset that believes joy is possible everyday. Then what matters are the practical details of how to enjoy one's life. That is why she shows you how it is possible for her to enjoy the joy of living even when life is challenging. Right away when we let go of the need to achieve something and concentrate on enjoying the little things in life and seizing the moment, we realize that we, or our surroundings, are enormously beautiful. This is a time to rejoice and be grateful.

Challenges will occur because they keep us going and experiencing life in different ways. When we are faced with challenges, we should not moan or complain. Instead, we should look at them as a puzzle we need to solve. Don't we all love to solve the mysteries with Poirot? Why does it then feel so repulsive to solve our own problems? Because it is real and we are afraid that we won't be able to solve the problem, and that we'll make grave mistakes. However, how else do we learn? If we would never encounter our limits, how would we know whether we are on the right track or not?

What she wants to emphasize is that no matter what situation we are faced with, we'd be better off finding the joy in it - that simply makes life more enjoyable. Her wish is that through the inspiration of her contemplations and your comments we can increase the joy in the world.

Enjoying The Joy blog is available at enjoyingthejoy.blogspot.com.

The blog and her coaching experience is the basis for J.M. Davies' first self-help book Lighten Up To Be Enlightened! that came out in August 2015. Check it out! New book Meal of Love on how to choose love over fear that came out in November 2018.