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"Johanna is a person I tremendously admire! I recommend her coaching from the bottom of my heart for everyone who wants find who they are and how they can live their Dream lives."

J.M. Davies, the author of Apsara's Dance and Lighten Up To Be Enlightened!, is also a NLP coach, Master of Arts and the founder of Virtuous Arts. Johanna Maria established her company to help people to produce and enjoy virtuous arts with all their senses. The everyday life of Virtuous Arts consists of meditating, coaching, playing, connecting, writing, speaking, dancing, practicing yoga and Reiki, accounting, marketing and other not so fascinating things about running a business as well as aesthetic images, reading words of wisdom, loving and letting it be. Check out her Author Page on Amazon: bit.ly/JMDavies

Johanna understands and accepts the shadow sides of life, yet makes space for fun and beauty through her company. Developing virtues creatively helps a person to accept oneself fully and, consequently, allow other people to be who they are. We resort to vices because they help us to achieve temporary happiness. Personal integrity is the surest way of reaching real joy in this world. Seal your life with virtuous creativity to live in an exclusively joyful and meaningful way.

As a trainer Johanna empowers her clients to find a blank paper, pen and a joyful mindset to sketch their dreams come true.

Please contact J.M. Davies about coaching, speaking and other performances, articles and modeling via e-mail: info at virtuousarts.com.

"Adding hope to our lives has long been the role of the artist – the painter, poet, musician, composer, actor, and author." – Paul Wilson


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"Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way." – Swami Vishnu-Devananda

Johanna Maria Davies became conscious of the many benefits of Yoga in her life over fifteen years ago. Yoga stretches your limbs and limits gently yet firmly. In September 2008 Johanna qualified as a Sivananda Yoga teacher in Aluenda, Zaragoza, Spain and trained further in the Bahamas in 2010.

In Johanna Maria's classes you will be helped through the stages of all the elements in an informative way, with generous amounts of encouragement, care and commitment. Johanna also loves to talk about yogic philosophy and the benefits of yogic lifestyle for living a more fulfilling life. It is the holistic nature of yoga that appealed to her in the same ways as her studies in sociology. Breathing, meditation and relaxation are important aspects of yoga to Johanna Maria. Read here how you can become also a better dancer through learning to breathe better.

Please, contact Virtuous Arts about company events, group or private classes: info at virtuousarts.com.

"I help people to achieve and maintain balance in movement whilst reaching for the stars." – J.M. Davies
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"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way." – Wayne Dyer

Johanna Maria Davies has danced all her life. Following a classical training she broadened her expertise and danced professionally for a number years covering most dance forms and, amongst other accolades, Johanna became Finland's salsa pairs champion in 2005. She has been teaching dance for about twenty years. In January 2010 Johanna Maria qualified as a zumba instructor and lately she has taught mainly bachata. Johanna has taught also other latin dances, as well as show dance. She has experience in teaching baby boys and girls until good old age of 80.

The combination of dance and yoga gives a complete work out with countless benefits such as physical well-being and peace of mind, which is why she has now incorporated them also to her dream coaching package as well. All of her services tie holistically together. Johanna's classes are inspirational, joyful and safe in addition to the actual content of the courses.

Read Johanna Maria's thoughts on dance and love from her blog.

Feedback from one bachata class: "the class was great. Very different from the moves I know. Very elegant ones. I will definitely practice those at the parties. :) Thanks!"